The GentleWave® System: Endodontics, Elevated.

The GentleWave® System is the next evolution in endodontic technology that has transformed an ever-expanding network of progressive practices across the country. The high-tech irrigation process of the GentleWave System harnesses optimized procedure fluids, vortical flow and broad-spectrum acoustic energies to debride and disinfect the root canal system2—even the undetected, uninstrumented spaces—with a minimally invasive3 protocol that leaves more of the tooth structure intact.1

GentleWave® Technology includes a multifaceted mechanism of action:

SoundFlow® + SoundBar® = SoundResults®

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Revolutionizing Root Canal Therapy

Through the superior performance of the GentleWave System's unique fluid delivery and control system, SoundFlow® provides a much more efficient and effective fluid delivery process that, when paired with the SoundBAR®, combines macro and microscopic cleaning. This powerful combination allows fluids to penetrate and clean complex root canal anatomy like never before, to yield SoundResults® and a new level of clean with fast healing.1

Mechanism of Action

Procedure Fluid Optimization & Circulation

A multi-stage optimization process to degas and adjust concentration of fluids before they are constantly refreshed and circulated through the root canal system.

Waves of Energy and Vortical Flow

Useful cavitation and vortical flow are induced for maximum tissue debridement and dissolution.

Exceptional Cleaning and Fast Healing1

Improved and predictable outcomes are produced by the technology of the GentleWave® System. See the SoundResults Case Gallery.

Complex Apical Anatomy Discovered Following Minimal Endodontics
From the SoundResults Case Gallery

Complex Apical Anatomy Discovered Following Minimal Endodontics

Michael W. Ford, DDS, MS
Upon post-operative radiographic examination, multiple lateral canals within the apical third of the palatal and distobuccal canals as well as an isthmus between the mesiobuccal canals were visualized. Upon contact with the patient three days post-operative, the patient reported no discomfort.

Complex Apical Anatomy Discovered Following Minimal Endodontics

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