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Cumberland Endodontics: Coming out stronger! A practice that wouldn’t stop

Cumberland Endodontics: Coming out stronger! A practice that wouldn’t stop

In the December 2021 issue of Endodontic Practice US, GentleWave® Providers Drs. Adam Davis, Jonathan Uhles and Eshwar Arasu discuss rebuilding their main practice after a tornado, why they chose to focus on endodontics and the technologies that have transformed the specialty.

Endodontist’s Practice Thrives on Relationships and Quality

Endodontist’s Practice Thrives on Relationships and Quality

Dr. Gregory Myers describes to Inside Dentistry how success for his endodontic practice came through “pounding the pavement” to earn new business and offering unique advantages to his patients with the GentleWave® System.

Inside Dentistry’s Roundtable: The Forefront of Endodontics

The Roundtable: Inside Dentistry
On-Demand Webinars

Endodontists James A. Smith, Jr., DMD; James Bahcall, DMD, MS; and Brooke Blicher, DMD, join Inside Dentistry’s Roundtable to discuss achieving predictable results, saving versus extracting teeth and the techniques and innovations at the forefront of endodontics.

Effective Retreatments with the GentleWave® System


In the Winter 2019 edition of Endodontic Practice US, Brian T. Wells, DMD, discusses addressing difficult retreatment cases with the use of minimal instrumentation and the GentleWave® System. 

CDE eBook: Innovative Technologies Within Endodontic Practices to Improve Treatment Outcomes: The Importance of Patient Referral

CDE eBook
Educational Content

Earn two free CEU’s and learn about the innovative technologies helping endodontists locate and clean the intricacies of complex anatomies. Authors James C. Douthitt, DDS, MS, FACD, and Kirk A. Coury, DDS, MS, FICD, FACD, discuss treatment options, outcomes and the importance of patient referrals. 

Stacy Hill of Southwest Endodontics: Maintaining & Growing Patient Flow in Your Practice

Stacy Hill

Endodontic practice marketing specialist Stacy Hill joins DocTalk Dental to discuss developing an effective marketing strategy for the greatest ROI and using resources from the GentleWave® Practice Success Program to bolster her referral initiatives.

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